Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fashions I Just Don't Understand

These shoes, wingtips and boat shoes, seem to be increasingly popular now a days, and I'm asking WHY??? They look like old men shoes and I still don't see the chic-ness of them. I wear size 11 in shoes, and the heinous atrocities would only make my feet look worse! First of all, they don't even look feminine. I mean, we have bofriend jeans, grandpa cardigans, menswear shorts and vests, and now this?? I'm not a fan of cross dressing, so these styles of footwear are OUT in my book. What do you think?? (these shoes are all from Urban Outfitters, btw)


LML said...

i dont think this trend will last long (or @ least i hope!)
i would look really bad in them - im not even gonna try them on!

Ana said...

i dont like any of those but i have seen some adorable high heeled ones and sleek metallic flat ones.However if you have larger feet its not the most flattering look.

SICK. said...

i like the jazz shoes and the boat shoes (but not those in the picture)but i think you just have to know what to juxtapose them against.
for example i wouldn't suggest pairing them with a mens suit or something overly masculine.

love your blog


Tui said...

totally not digging this trend either!! your blog!