Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Weekly TV Fix

Sunday Nights: Sunset Tan at 10:30 on E!

Monday Night: Greek at 9 on ABC Family

Tuesday Night: Baldwin Hills at 10 on BET

Wednesday Night: Top Chef at 10 on Bravo

Thusday (and Sunday at 8, and Tuesday at 9) Night: Big Brother 8 at 8 on CBS

I know I watch too much "reality" t.v., but it's summer time, lol, and I work hard (applying to colleges and doing AP Summer homework) during the day! What shows do you watch?


LML said...

haha i love watching sunset tan - guilty pleasure. It makes me feel pale and thankful that i dont look like a tangerine :P

The Stiletto Effect said...

hi :)
cool blog!!

Ana said...

Americas Next Top Model is my thing. there are only reruns on right now though :-( tyra is so crazy. she's like BE FIERCE lol