Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Re-inventing Yourself For Back to School

So, school's about to start and you're looking at the "clothes" you wore last year. So what stays and what goes? Then you look at your hair, your skin, your attitude. You decide that you want to re-invent yourself for the new school year! Here's my guidde to a new you for a new year.

1. First and foremost, you've got to figure out your style, or atleast the look/ image you want to project for the new year. Do you want to look more feminine? more chic? more casual? more 60's? Figure it out. And nothing looks worse than someone wearing a fabulous outift, and not having the attitude to carry it well. at least 5 pairs of darkwash jeans, but buy them in different cuts for variety. Skinny jeans aren't only for emo kids; wear them with round-toe pumps to look more edgy. Also, skinnys come in a plethora of colors, so have fun! Next, try wideleg jeans, straight leg, slightly flared jeans and a very comfortable pair.

3. You'll need some solid colored camis/tank tops and a few solid colored short sleeved and long sleeved shirts. These will be useful for layering or can be used as the base of an outfit.

4.Dresses. If they "aren't you" then don't buy them, so you won't look like a poser. If you've never worn them to school before, then give it a try! But make sure they aren't too dressy for scholl,(i.e homecoming dress style). Dresses are easy to wear and are great for those days when you want to stand out. You can wear them over tights in the fall! Have fun with this one!!

5. Jewelry. Personally I don't like when people wear gold jewelry with silver jewelry, and I'll advice you not to. Buy loads of plain and fun necklaces, some that are great for parties, and others that are more casual for school. Buy colorful earrings if your ears are pierced, and play up your style with fun bangles and rings! Since you'll be redoing your wardrobe in one vacation break, the jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M sell cute jewelry for really low prices.

6. Shoes. In my opinion, shoes can make or break an outfit. If you're able to, splurge on good quality shoes, especially the ones you'll be wearing the most. A cute outfit is ruined by nasty shoes! Load up on flat-soled shoes(flats/sneakers/kitten heels), high heels, boots, and sandals. With a pair of shoes for each category, going from school to dinner with your family will be a breeze. Personally, I don't like/ wear sneakers, but if they fit your style, then take good care of them. Nobody likes to look at drty shoes.

7. Now you need some bags. First of all, ditch the backpack for a cute tote or messanger bag. Then focus on buying purses for all of you shoes or outfits (unless of course you're not a purse person). Think, "good quality". When buying purses and shoes, you want something that will last, even if that means you only have 5 pairs of shoe and purse combos.

8. Sweaters. If necessary, buy some

9. Coats/Jackets/Cardigans. Sometimes you just get cold. Throw out that old denim jacket (so middle school) and stock up on cute cardigans or hoodies depending on your style. For fall and winter, don't put on that old abercrombie sweatshirt, instead, but a cute leather jacket or a peacoat/trenchcoat.

10.Shorts/Skirts- see sweaters.

11. Eccentric Items: scarves, tights, headbands, hats, sunglasses, waist belts, menswear vests, find wierd items that will enhance your outfit/style.

Now Shop!!

1. Stop drinking soda. And juice. And coffee. You don't need it. (they're really not that hard to give up) Stick to the basics such as green tea, water and milk. You'll feel better and most definately notice brighter skin!

2. Clear it up! I have acne, but most of the time my skin looks really clear. Try Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. They have a 100% guarantee!

3. Remove the shine! I have oily skin too, lol. But I use Clean and Clear's oil blotting papers whenever I'm out, because they remove the shine without removing my make up.

4. Get a facial. You can make them(my fav is the milk and honey facial) or buy them for low prices at your local drug store. Don't forget to look for facials that are made for you're particular skin type. I wouldn't use a facial for people with dry skin, since I have oily skin.

5. Buy/ experiment with Make-Up. Try new looks. Do you want a more natural look? Do you want to start wearing blush? Are you trying to play up your gorgeous eyes? Practice!!

6. Exercise. It increases the circulation of blood in your body, making your skin glow. Also, exercise makes you feel good about yourself, and self-confidence automatically makes you look better!

1. Figure out who you are. What do you like to do? What values and morals do you believe in? What are your strenghths and weaknesses? Not being sure of who you are can cause low self-esteem. For a complete transformation, you're going to need a normal-sized dose of confidence.

2. Try to find a hobby, perferably one that you're good at. This will allow you to create goals and reach them, and also feel better about yourself.

3. Find out who your true friends are. Who's just using you? Who has helped you through your hardest times? If you're going to start a new school year, you need to know who you can trust, so if you don't know yet, evalute the people with whom you associate yourself. Are they bringing you down? Are they supportive? Seroiusly, you need to think about this.

4. Create new goals for the school year. Do you want to raise your GPA? Do you want to expand your shoe collection? These goals don't have to be fashion related, but attaining them will most definately boost your confidence, thus causing you to have a better presence and style.

Let the Transformation Begin!


cj said...

Great tips! Fall is such a great time for transformation. I really enjoy your blog as well!

Cardigans_lover said...

This post was really inspirational and useful, thanks a lot! In fact, I love your whole blog.

Anonymous said...

thank u for the great tips ill defiently use them

Ana said...

nice post...fall is the time for a new look.

Candice said...

i like your blog. it has some great tips!

jackie ♥ said...

cant wait til fall!